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A1 Pharmaceuticals has been trading for over 30 years.

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About us

For over 30 years A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc has been successful by creating extra profit opportunities for pharmacists throughout the UK. A1 Pharmaceuticals Plc is now the leading name in the supply of discounted surgical dressings and medical devices in the EU (European Union).
The product range includes major branded surgical dressings manufactured by large international companies e.g. Smith & Nephew and Systagenix, as well as our successful A1 own label range e.g. crepe bandages and surgical gloves. Other product categories include ostomy, colostomy, diagnostics, syringes, aesthetics & dermal fillers, nutritional drinks and branded EU parallel imported pharmaceuticals.
EU Parallel imported pharmaceuticals are branded pharmaceuticals manufactured by major international companies e.g. Glaxo Smith Kline which are sourced in one EU country e.g. Spain where they are cheaper and sold to another EU country e.g. UK at a discount to our pharmacy customers.
We have a UK Medicines Health Regulatory authority (MHRA) manufacturer’s licence to repack and assemble a large portfolio of European parallel imported pharmaceutical licensed products, which are then sold into UK pharmacies at a discount compared to what would otherwise be available direct from the UK manufacturer.

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